Thursday, September 16

More Choices for In-class Presentations

More Choices, So Choose Wisely

I’ve added some additional choices to the presentation topic list. After considering some of the points I heard you cover in your career goal presentations, I’ve decided to add a few. I’ve included the topic of “Diverse Major: Does it help or hinder?” as to explore how you see your time in the BC major and at Westminster as it relates to your career goals. One might criticize our program as making everyone a jack of all trades and a master of none. But someone else might praise it for giving you the ability to appreciate, understand and utilize all aspects of broadcast communication thus allowing you to integrate your knowledge and experience far more effectively in a variety of positions, especially management. In a nutshell, you know and understand almost everyone’s job in most electronic media operations. So what do you think? What’s your take? You could build an interesting, personalized presentation around this.

So here are the topics you can choose from at this time:

  • “Diverse Major: Does it help or hinder?”
  • Dr. B’s Checklist for Success & a Personal Plan of Action
  • My Internship Experience
  • Where I Want to Intern- The Best Place for Me to Begin
  • Liberal Arts & BC Experience: How You’ve Grown
  • Building my Audition/Resume Tape or e-Portfolio
  • Free BC/Media Job Listing Resources & the Job Search
  • BC Alumus Profile

If you have a topic idea you'd the group to consider, please share it with the class or make a comment.

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