Wednesday, November 27

2013 Documentary Showcase

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- You're invited to the 2013 Documentary Showcase @ Westminster College.

Free & Open to the public.

The first screening session is set for 11 a.m.--“Where Faith, Basketball & Service Meet,” produced by Kendall Hunter; “MOORE HOPE—The Inspiring True Story of Amelia Moore” produced by Jarred Treshok; Corey Benedict presents “Courage: The John Challis Story.”

Session # 2 begins at 1 p.m. featuring three short digital films: Frank Maira premieres “One Swing Away From the Big Leagues," Joe Ligo presents The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer and Joshua Dunn showcases "The Wright Way—A Titan Comeback Tale.” 

The third and final screening starts at 3 p.m-- Chelsea Haybarger presents “The Real Dance Mom”; Anthony Humes presents “Apple Castle: Right to the Core”

Broadcast & Digital Communication Students present their research and productions to the world in three special screenings! Watch them or or pick the session you want to attend!

Friday, November 30

Docmentary Showcase 2012

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Nine Westminster College broadcast communications majors will present their capstone projects Saturday, Dec. 1, starting at 11:30 a.m. in the Sebastian Mueller Theater of the McKelvey Campus Center.  The program is free to the public.

The documentaries will be showcased at three separate screening sessions:

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  Session I presentations:

Personalizing Homeless: The Angela Smith Story by Hannah Paczkowski, Love Never Fails by Courtney Crown; and The Quest of Champions by Adam Carswell.

1:30-3 p.m.  Session II presentations:

Wounded Warriors, Healing Hounds by Andrea Tice; 4th and a Miracle by Connor Cobis; and Over the Rainbow by Ashley Durham.

3:30-5 p.m.  Session III presentations:

Dirty Politics: Super Smear Me and the 2012 Presidential Campaign by James McCallion; The Heartbeat of Lawrenceville by Liam Halferty; and  A Modern American Dream: The Sammy Story by Jordan Greer.

The broadcast and digital communications capstone course requires the student to research and produce a documentary linked to service learning goals established at the College. The course is split into two semesters. The first semester focuses on the research and production of the projects. The second semester engages students in the production, post-production and presentation and assessment of the documentaries.

Almost all the documentaries will air on WCN in the spring as featured programming. Students will also submit the productions into peer reviewed festivals and competitions, and the students are also required to prepare a broadcast résumé portfolio that includes the senior project as an example of professional quality work.

Sunday, November 27

2011 BC Capstone Documentary Showcase

Broadcast Communications Capstone Documentary Showcase
Saturday, Dec. 3

Mueller Theater- McKelvey Campus Center- Westminster College
    Presenting the premiere of 14 BC Capstone projects during six documentary screening sessions 

    9:30-10:15 a.m.
    Screening Session #1
    Brittany Grego presents “All You Need is Love” & Tiffany Burson-Camara presents “Legal”
    --BREAK with refreshments


    10:30-11:30 a.m.
    Screening Session #2

    • Marshall Cupelli presents “1988- The Year of the Titan”
    • Ethan Yeager presents “Inside the Huddle: A Tribute to Coach Terry Verrelli”
    • Hour Break- opportunity for visitors to grab a quick lunch

    12:30-1:30 p.m.
    Screening Session #3

    • Angela Tucker presents “Classroom in the Woods”
    • Kate Altman presents “Castle in New Castle: The Scottish Rite Cathedral”
    • David Nicholson “With Healing Comes Hope”
    • Break with refreshments
      2-3:30 p.m.
      Screening Session #4

      • Bradford Arick presents “One Community’s History of Cultural Faith”
      • Ashley Bishop presents “Four Paws, Two Hearts"
      • Geoff Klein presents “The Magic of Literacy” 

        3:30-4:30 p.m.
        Screening Session #5

        • Alyssa Hanna presents “Woman to Woman”
        • Drew Trifelos presents “Life in Ruins”
        • Break with refreshments

        5:00-6:00 p.m.
        Screening Session #6

        • Matt Pereslucha presents “Let Go and Let God”
        • Jeffrey Houser presents “Point, Click, Worship”

        Saturday, September 24

        Westminster grad makes an impact in Idaho

        WOW!  FANTASTIC!  OAR's Marc Roberge and the crew of Boise's 103.3 KISS FM surprise 2010 Westminster grad Michelle Bistrica (on air she's Michelle Heart).  They thanked her and praised her on the air for raising money by running for Leukemia & Lymphonia Society.

        LISTEN TO THIS and congrats to Michelle for having an impact for the community and making her mark in Boise.

        103.3 KISS FM's Michelle Heart's Surprise Guest by MichelleHeartRadio

        Michelle works for Peak Broadcasting.  She headed to Idaho immediately after graduating.  She is the morning show co-host and mid-day personality for 103.3 and 101.7 KISS FM.

        Thursday, September 1

        Congratulations, Lee Bieremeyer!

        Congratulations to Lee Biermeyer, Class of 2011.
        Lee is now part of the WFMJ-TV family in Youngstown where he started in August as a web producer for the newsroom.  Management has quickly tapped him for other assignments as well.  GREAT JOB, LEE!

        Lee most recently completed a series of freelance videos for Westminster showcasing various departments and the role undergraduate research plays in the liberal arts approach to higher education.

        I enjoyed working with Lee during his years at Westminster where he quickly moved from the role for student to student leader and mentor.  He has an incredible work ethic and is an excellent model for young media professionals.

        Video by Lee Biermeyer

        Thursday, November 11

        The BC Capstone DOCUMENTARY SHOWCASE 2010

        The Broadcast Communications Capstone Documentary Showcase
        Tues/Nov 16
        Two sessions featuring seven digital short documentaries
        Mueller Theater, MCC
        5:30-6:30...Session I presentations are: Titan Glory: How One Man Changed a Program by Jonathan McAfoos; Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: An In-Depth Look at Ladies of the Dukes in New Castle by Lee Biermeyer; and Life on the Road: The Culture of Motocross by Mike Hazlett. 

        6:30-7:00 INTERMISSION with REFRESHMENTS

        7:00-8:00...Session II presentations are: Tradition of Coaching Excellence: The Story of Lindy Lauro by Adam Plyler; The Real Work: The Bahamas by Kayla Zoller; A Team by the Bay: The Erie Seawolves by Robert Maleski; and Taylor Made by Corey Emanuele.

        The program is free and open to the public.  It is scheduled in two one-hour sessions with an intermission and refreshments at 6:30 p.m.

        Sunday, October 31

        Titan Terror Project Winners Revealed

        October 31, 2010

        NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- More than 125 students, staff and faculty packed Mueller Theater at Westminster College for the first Titan Terror Project Showcase on Wednesday. The standing room only crowd witnessed the top prize going to Broadcast Communications major Alyssa Hanna and her minimovie Independent. Media Art professor Kurt Roscoe and his family received the runner-up prize for a project entitled Red Light.

        Audio Visual Services Director Gary Swanson was surprised and pleased by the crowd that turned out for the showcase. AV Services co-sponsored the minimovie competition with Titan Radio and WCN.

        "We had an idea that we'd have a good turnout, but never expected that we'd fill the place beyond capacity," Swanson said. "I don't think we even had any standing room left. People were all over the floor and aisles."

        Hanna entered the project because she is a student in Brad Weaver's Video Production class (BC 251). Entering the Titan Terror Project was a class assignment. The instructor also made it so the only way a student could get an A on the project was to win the Titan Terror Project.

        "I didn't think I would actually win," Hanna reacted. "I knew I would do well enough to make it into the top ten and maybe even 5, but I didn't think I would actually win."

        The audience also voted electronically making Hanna's film the fan favorite. Her instructor also informed her she will recieve the A for the assignment.

        "I was obviously worried about the grade portion, as that constitutes for a large enough percentage of our final grade, and I take my grades very seriously. I was so worried about the audience award! I think I wanted that more than the other one once I heard that was another prize."

        Meanwhile, first-year student Joe Ligo says he was pleased with the audience reaction to his movie, Howard the Haunter.

        Ligo entered the competition on his own and his film was featured as one of the top entries. He's a Broadcast Comm major and knows he'll be required to participate when he takes Video Production next year.

        "My movie was more like a movie trailer," Ligo explained. "Perhaps I'll shoot for a more short-film like format next time."

        Ligo also had high praise for the winners. His movie was the second fan favorite, but he has nothing but congratulations for Hanna.

        "Independent was very clever and had a lot of fun people starring in it. Red Light was very clever and suspenseful, and very well edited."

        The Titan Terror Project will return in 2011. Organizers say they'll also give competitors three minutes to tell their story instead of the two-minute time limit in this year's event.

        "The Titan Terror project has been fantastic, especially in how it connects with our viral video society," Gary Swanson added. "I don't think I've seen so much buzz about something in my 20 years here at Westminster. We definitely want to make this an annual event, possibly opening it up to the community as well."

        Watch the Titan Terror Project grand prize winner, INDEPENDENT.

        Independent by: Team Alyssa from WCN 24/7 on Vimeo.

        Watch the Titan Terror Project runner-up, Red Light.

        Red Light by: r2 Independent Films from WCN 24/7 on Vimeo.

        Click here to check out all the entries online.

        Field trip helps opens the doors for interviews

        October 30, 2010

        PITTSBURGH-- When English major Matt Bower left the Creative Careers Seminar held at Carnegie Mellow University on Friday, he was heading back to his afternoon classes at Westminster with something most college seniors wish they had, a internship interview. He'll be interviewing with a computer game design firm.

        "I got an interview with a game designer," Bower said. "It's a fledgling industry in Pittsburgh and it's a really cool opportunity."

        He joined some 30 other Westminster students who traveled to Pittsburgh for the annual event in P where professionals from a number of creative fields come together to speak with students about resumes, portfolios, internships and career advice. Bower attended the Interactive Media panel that included representatives from Schell Games, General Dynamics C4 Systems, and Etectera Edutainment.

        Junior Broadcast Communications major Drew Trifelos also walked away with the door open for an internship interview opportunity with the Steelers Sports Network. This is the second year Trifelos has attended the Creative Careers Seminar. Trifelos explained he say people with resumes and business cards last year approaching panelists and asking about internships and interviews. He took that idea and ran with it as he returned to the CMU campus.

        "This year I had resumes and I was prepared to go up and ask the panelists about internships," Trifelos said. "I handed out two of my resumes and they asked me to also e-mail electronic versions.

        Trifelos talked David Zema, FUSE-TV, and Sandy Romah, host and producer with the Steelers Television Network. Trifelos is very excited as he has an interview for an internship confirmed with one of them and he says attending this seminar is a huge networking opportunity.

        "I met a lot of interesting people including some Westminster graduates in public relations and broadcasting fields," Junior PR major Pat Sylves said. "They told me about some possible internship. I made a lot of contacts. "

        The Pittsburgh Arts Employment Partnership (PAEP) a part of a collaboration of 13 local colleges and Universities sponsor the Creative Careers Seminar, which includes Westminster College. Students attending the event pre-register and pay a $5 fee. Some of the other panel sessions included Advertising & Marketing, Design & Multimedia, Arts Management, Film and Broadcast Media, Independent Artists and Performing Art.

        Westminster's Career Center organizes a convoy for interested students. Many of those were from Broadcast Communications because instructors encourage them to attend and require the BC Capstone students to participate.

        Sophomore BC student Hannah Paczkowski appreciated the Film and Television panel session she attended. She learned she's doing exactly what she needs to to be on track with her resume in broadcast news.

        "I'm on the right track on where I want to go with my career," Paczkowski said. "I know where I should be going in the next few years when it comes to internships."

        Probably the most common advice given out by the professionals populating the panels was about polishing resumes for specific employers. Pittsburgh Business Times Advertising Director Kimberly Wohlford stressed that people right out of college must make sure the customize a resume for a particular job and company rather than just sending out a generic one. She also warned you should always spend time and editing a resume before you send it.

        "It could be a really good resume that shows off some wonderful things you've done, but if there's a typo then I pitch it," Wohford said. "This person wasn't responsible and careful enough and detailed oriented enough to check.

        Advice was a big part of what panelists had to offer and for those few with initiative like Matt Bower, they walked away with more than just insight into resume building and networking. He impressed a potential employer he is more than a soon-to-be college graduate.

        "This is a great opportunity to network and meet people," Bowers said. "You get to talk to people in a close-knit environment and I got a job interview."

        Westminster's Career Center's staff will soon begin coordinating with the PAEP for next year's event. They will coordinate recruitment campaign sometime while remaining hopeful that as many Westminster students will take advantage of it.

        More photos from the 2010 Creative Careers Seminar

        Saturday, October 30

        PCN shines election spotlight on campus

        October 30, 2010

        NEW WILMINGTON, Pa-- The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) brought its "On the Road" election coverage to Westminster on Saturday. The College hosted PCN's "On the Road" election coverage of the Fourth Congressional District race. The statewide network telecast live for an hour Saturday afternoon in the Berlin Lounge to gauge reaction during the last days before Election Day.

        The network even hired one Westminster student to serve as a freelancer. Senior Broadcast Comm major Lee Bieremeyer gained experience behind the scenes of the telecast with the television crews

        The visit to Westminster focuses on the Fourth Congressional District election between incumbent Congressman Jason Alltmire (D) and challenger Keith Rothfus (R). Rothfus participated in the event while Altmire did not accept the invitation.

        Faculty members James Rhoads, Ed Cohen and Dwight Castro joined former 4th Congressional District Representative Melissa Hart (R) on he panel with Rothfus.

        Joe Ligo, Anthony Tammaro, Mariah Ellis, and Jenna Meighen were among the Westminster student panelists.

        PCN officials say one of the reason's the picked Westminster is the ongoing working relationship the cable network has with the Westminster Cable Network (WCN). Each year PCN picks up one of WCN's high school football broadcasts to feature as one of its statewide high school games of the week.

        "We were looking at schools in the Fourth Congressional District that had political science departments," Michelle Robinson explained. "I saw Westminster and I knew we had worked with the school's TV crews in the past. We made some calls and it was a go."

        Watch our sideshow!

        Thursday, October 28

        Faculty and Staff Attended Mobile Pedagogy Seminar

        October 28, 2010

        Andy Borts, Westminster College instructional media technician; Dr. Keith Corso, Westminster assistant professor of communication studies; and Brad Weaver, Westminster lecturer of broadcast communications, attended "The New Mobile Pedagogy" seminar Oct. 27 in Mars, Pennsylvania.

        The seminar focused on the use of mobile technology for learning as well as accessibility solutions in classrooms and included extensive discussion about applying the mobility of technology to teaching and learning in higher education. More than 40 participants represented colleges and universities from western and northern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

        "The presentation offered a fantastic exploration of the question of class attendance based on making content available online," Borts said. "If faculty post a variety of content online, the lesson plan could include more ways to create experiential learning based on that content. The students could get the content early and understand it better when the lesson plan is geared toward meaning-making."

        "More and more higher education instructors are realizing that there's more to teaching than lecturing for an hour at a time," Corso said. "The mobile technology revolution is opening doors that allow instructors to utilize classroom time in ways that permit students to analyze and apply what they learn instead of just passively receiving content."

        "This seminar allowed me to explore how I can adapt the mobility of technology as I work with my students in broadcasting and journalism," Weaver said. "Using smart phones, laptops, digital cameras, and other technologies are great tools for working with students, who can help shape what they learn and how they make sense of it and use it."

        Borts is a 2010 Westminster graduate who joined the staff in July.

        Corso, a 1984 Westminster graduate who joined the faculty in 2004, earned a master's degree from the University of Akron and Ph.D. from Capella University.

        Weaver, who has been with Westminster since 2000, earned an undergraduate degree from Alderson-Broaddus College and master's from the University of Kansas.

        Contact Weaver at (724) 946-7238 or e-mail for additional information.

        Monday, October 25

        Autumn Views: One-room school house along the way

        October 25, 2010

        WILMINGTON TOWNSHIP (Mercer County), Pa.-- Amish farms and homes line the roads of Wilmington Township in Mercer County where an afternoon drive reveals brightly lit open fields and patches of canopied autumn leaves covering the roadway like a forgotten covered bridge. Driving along Leesburg Road offers views of one room Amish schools. The old ways of the Amish and the modern tractors of the "English" farmers share the road as you pass buggies and large farming tractors heading to fields and farms.

        According to the U.S. Census Bureau the 13 miles of the township have 1,105 residents. reports that more than a third of the people living in Wilmington Township share a German ancestry.

        Most common first ancestries reported in Wilmington township (

        * German (34.5%)
        * Irish (10.1%)
        * Scotch-Irish (9.4%)
        * English (8.1%)
        * Italian (8.1%)
        * Pennsylvania German (5.7%)
        * United States or American (4.8%)

        Enjoy some of the view along the roads running the Lawrence and Mercer county line as WCN 24/7 documents the autumn views in this rural community.