Sunday, November 7

CNN Visitor on Campus

I wanted to back track here and offer my appreciation Meg Camardese for visiting us at Westminster. I’m a bit late on this entry but I wanted to offer some details about our visit with her back on October 25, 2004. She serves as an assistant to Aaron Brown for CNN’s Newsnight with Aaron Brown. She graciously agreed to visit campus for a Q & A session with our students. I’ll try to summarize what you missed if you were unable to attend.
Meg started out of college as a page at NBC. From that she moved into a position as an assistant to Tom Brokaw at NBC Nightly News and then had a brief stint with a subcontractor production company at the Food Network before moving to CNN. She loves the business and had the following advice for students who are passionate about it:

  • Remember the value/importance of writing in this business.
  • Be prepared to struggle with money when you start out—even if you begin in New York City.
  • Double major if you can in areas like political science if you’re interested in jobs at CNN or the networks.
  • Do the internships and network with people in the business because it’s a highly competitive business.
  • Get involved in the internships and ask to do as much as you can-- don't be shy.
  • Be prepared for long hours, but the time flies when you’re covering breaking news.

I could definitely identify all the themes from Dr. B's Checklist for Success coming through LOUD & CLEAR in Meg's comments.

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