Sunday, April 24


On the eve of the first BC Festival on campus, I hope you will revel in your success and contributions on WCN and Titan Radio. I offer my congratulations and wish you well.

I call upon the Capstone students (and any other BC students reading this blog entry) to consider the journey chronicled in each BC Weblog. I would encourage you to juxtapose what you read in recent entries with those first entries from last fall. Contrast the mood and message. How have people changed? How have identities shifted? How have you grown? What have you learned? What do you embrace or reject? Do have any second thoughts or reconsiderations? How will you say good-bye to this life at Titan Radio and WCN? How will you cope with the search and transition to your new life?

I explained at the beginning of BC 601 that your final year would rush by in a swirling, buzzing commotion of projects, reports, presentations and job searches. That commotion does not end now. It merely transforms as you do.

In the next few weeks your identity transfers. You will go from being one of our stars, our leaders in the BC major to that of a member of Westminster’s Class of 2005. These days will become one of those rare times where all those individual and usually separated segments of your lives intersect and even collide. You will have moments of celebration and pride on different levels for many different people—family, friends, professional, academic, etc. The next few weeks will fill with happiness, emotion and apprehension.

Remember to be true to your heart—take time to be selfish, single and enjoy your youth. Persue your passion above all else. The events of the next few weeks can sweep you off your feet and overwhelm. I encourage you to use the cumulative experience and wisdom gained from your capstone journey to stay grounded and focused, yet savor the pageantry and excited of commencement.

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