Saturday, May 14

Commencement 2005 & FLASHBACK to BC Fest 2005

Rainy weather forced this year's commencement inside the Fieldhouse.

Congratulations to Amy Dalbon, Ian Durham, Sebastian Driver, Laura Krutschnitt, Tandi Lane, Megan Marshall, Ashley Roberts, Pat Sandora, Julie Stolze and Sarah Ubry. They were among the 375 graduates taking home degrees from Westminster's 151st Commencement.

I finally had a chance to meet Tandi's family. Some traveled from Texas and others from Florida.

Meanwhile, Sarah's family is just a few miles away, but I finally met her father as well. BTW, Sarah and her mom, Diane, both received degrees during today's commencment.

I hope all the BC graduates will keep in touch with the gang at WCN and Titan Radio!
The network of friends and contacts you make here will serve you well.

I've posted pictures I took with my digital camera.

I tried to find everyone after commencement for a picture or two, but I missed some folks. I apologize for missing Amy, Pat and Megan.

I've included the elusive, blurry shots often associated with "Bigfoot" or the "Loch Ness Monster." Sorry , guys. Which button is for "flash" and which is for "action shot?"

If anyone wants to share their photos with me, I'll add them to my blog! I'm all about blogging and sharing images!

AND FINALLY...A QUICK FLASH BACK TO THE BC FEST IN APRIL... You can click on the picture below to see more from the festival.

And if you missed the mystery video someone made here is a link to it. Just click it or save it to your PC.
You can right click and save it to your PC (hit save target). A broadband connection will probably load/save the file in a few minutes. A dial up could take a while.

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