Sunday, May 1

An Invitation to begin blogging NOW &...


If you're registered for BC 601 in the fall, I invite you to create a weblog now for capstone.

Go to Blogger and sign up (it's free).

So what's this blog thing all about?
It's a place for you to reflect and communicate with me and each other (AND THE WORLD) on what you're doing in broadcasting every week. Your BC weblog is where you will explore what you want to do with a career, your job search, your senior project, etc.

What should you blog about?
You will constantly review your professional activities, evaluate your experience and body of work as a broadcaster. You will challenge yourself to improve, etc.
I suggest framing your entry under, "What I did in broadcasting this week..."

You can also discuss current events in the industry to demosntrate you're plugged in to the business and issues of electronic media.

I also encourage you to post links to job resources that may assist you in your future efforts.

Finally, keep your capstone blog PROFESSIONAL and on task. It is about your capstone and broadcasting. I encourage you to review the blogs of your classmates as well and engage in commenting with constructive feedback. However, keep personal matters to a private or separate blog.

BTW- On September 1, 2005, we meet for our first BC 601 meeting. I require that you bring your resume and resume tape or resume CD to that first class. No exceptions.

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