Thursday, May 26

Lost (one TV junkie's theory)

I'm LOST and I love it. I have embraced ABC's freshman drama and it's one of my favorite shows. It challenges my imagination through its complex characters and compelling and sometimes chaotic plot development. While Lost lost to American Idol (Lost had 21.8 million viewers in the last quarter hour compared to Idol's 35.2 million), the show clearly has an appeal to a larger audience. Not to mention all the people who TiVoed it. The show brings an audience back from reality TV to scripted programming.

It is unpredictable and never boring. I don't always see the twists coming (but I suspected Walt would be taken).

Some episodes even tackle retelling the same story but from the perspectives of other characters. Lost is inventive and showcases it's characters with rich back stories that are just as compelling as the conflicts on the island. It's these people who are the soul of the show. We want to know how they came to this mysteryous place and what will happen to them?

48 people have survived a horrific plane crash in the South Pacific -- but they were 1,000 miles off course when it happened, so no one knows where they are. What's more the remote island is home to some mysterious things lurking in its interior.

I'm reading plenty of complaints from fan posers posting on various online outlets. They claim they feel cheated or frustrated that they were given no clear answers in the season finale. In fact the finale raised new questions and failed to really resolve any old ones.

That's the nature of an enigma.

That's why we fell in love with The X-Files before it died at the hands of network execs trying to milk a story's mythology dry.

The drive for answers compels us to keep watching and the speculation and theory building draws us together as fans.

Now to my's not purgatory. They're trapped in the
Land of the Lost. (Don't laugh too hard!)

Has J.J. Abrams dropped the Sid & Marty Croft shtick for an invisible "Grumpy" (to serve as a security device for the island's secrets) and the French lady is a bipolar Cha-ka?

If you climb down through the mysterious hatch into the world below you'll find Sleestaks.

So what I'm suggesting is the island is an alternate dimension or closed universe. The island is pothole in the crossroads of alternate realities in time and space that sucks in its victims.

Now our heroes need to find a Pylon and play with the crystals...but they must get the color combinations correct to open a vortex home.

But if I remember premise that evolved in the Land of the Lost, for any person to escape, someone from our world must enter the Land of the Lost or in this case the Island of the Lost.

Could Lost be what you get when you're inspired by a Saturday morning show from the 70's? Was Abrams a fan? From campy Saturday morning adventure could we have the inspiration and premise for something this ambitious? Something to consider.
Hi! I apologize that my "geekness" is showing in this entry, but if you're still reading this and you like puzzles and mysteries read on. The producers are doing a great job in creating puzzles to feed the enigma of the show and building interest in the coming season.
The show's teaser web site was hidden until fans started decrypting the puzzle put out there on the 'net.

Visit the web site for Oceanic-Air
Try putting Hurley's winning lottery numbers in the seating chart and see the fall season preview...4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42
Watch the promo for the fall season and it reveals they are NOT the survivors they thought they were as they discover the other side of the island.

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I haven't seen Lost, but I feel as strongly about Desperate Housewives as you do Lost. I know, I know...typical female. :)