Monday, June 27

One-Man Bands Replace News Crews @ Nashville Station

More VJs More Often
FTVLive & Lost Remote are both reporting that a WKRN in Nashville, TN, (DMA 30) will switch to a staff of all one-man bands next month. FTV calls them one-man bands while Lost Remote promotes the euphemism VJ (video journalist).
Right now WKRN has 13 news crews (reporter/photographer combos) but the GM tells FTV it will jump to 30 VJs next month after everyone is trained with the stations new 30 Sony Z1 cameras (they weigh about 3.5 pounds and the WKRN VJs will hook these cams into Dell laptops for editing).

It appears the reporters will learn to shoot and edit and the photographers will learn how to write and report. WKRN is owned by Young Broadcasting which also owns KRON in San Francisco (DMA 6) which announced it was moving to VJ’s this year.

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