Monday, October 24

The BC Capstone Weblog "PIC" of the week...

Chris Zinkham wins the "capstone photo of the week" nod as he's added one to his profile. If you're a creative type looking for a gig in advertising, it's definitely one way to get attention. BTW...check out the profiles on each other's blog. You'll definitely learn something about your peers.


Which capstone student has a thing for Wuthering Heights and Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs?

Who's blogging habits mean doubling up on the blog workload this semester?

Which BC blogger sleeps with the remote contol?

Identify the capstone student with more than a casual curiosity with something called the Kingdom of Loathing?

Name the blogger who's a Scorpio with a favorite read featuring a Native American girl left alone for 18 years on an island.

What's this guy's connection with a capstone blog?

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