Friday, December 16

Anchors Away on The County Line

The County Line will see some on air changes when it returns after the winter break. The show will feature three anchor teams rotating week to week:

  • Elizabeth Farry & Mike Wolenski
  • Steve Brink & Shannon McClain
  • Kathryn Larson & Pam Marlowe
The BC 312 (Broadcast Journalism II) students will also serve as reporters/photographers/producers of packages as well as take over producing/hosting duties of the live, in-studio interview segment and producing/anchoring 89 on TCL's news update.

Other ideas we're exploring: Mini-live remote TCL'S during Titan basketball games. What do you think?


Amy DalBon said...

I think the mini-remotes would be fun. I thought it was a really good experience for all of us when we had the one TCL during the playoff game. Plus remotes always look impressive on resume tapes (especially when there are commercial stations that don't do remotes).

Patrick said...

I think the live remotes are definitely a good thing. It adds to the pressure and helps break some people in. I really liked doing the live TCL (althoug I wasn't on air) and the Mock Convention.

Plus I think it's a good way to get some more viewers to the show.