Tuesday, January 31

Crew Duty Over Break

BC Students Work Crew on Music Video

I ran late on posting this, but '04 Grad Jimm Needle tapped a few broadcasting majors to work on a music video and a documentary about making that video at Kennywood over the winter break. The video was for a band called Missing Pages.

Kirstan Gides, Luke Garrett, Josh Anderson, Justin Egley and Melissa DePaul ('05 Grad) were among those who joined Needle's "Kennywood Crew."

I want to thank Jimm for inviting students to come out and work on a very different kind of project. Don't forget to check out Jimm's work as director/producer for both creative and corporate clients up in the Cleveland area. BTW: '04 grad Jon Joy flew in from L.A. to direct the video for Jimm.

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