Friday, July 7

Blog Geeks & The Rocketboom Scandal

I'll admit I'm an Amanda Congdon fan.
She gave Rocketboom (the little vlog that could-- and it's now downloadable on TiVo) the window dressing to get me to watch. However, her personality made it the reason I subscribed to the Rocketboom podcast. Now the drama/dispute/calculated media event taking advantage of the summer news lull/pissing match has turned into the blogosphere's version of "The View versus Star Jones." Quick, get Amanda on Larry King Live!!!

Read any comments section on any blog topics about the Rocketboom brouhaha and it's clear LOTS of people are following this story.

Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon have parted ways and it's a he blogged-she bblogged soap opera. Don't believe me? Even mainstream media is writing about the Rocketboom split and it's all over the 'net.

The Washington Post: Popular News Anchor Leaves Video Blog Site or Rocketboom Star Exits Her Famous Perch

The NY Times: A Rift at the Video Blog Rocketboom Triggers a Cyberspace Soap Opera

Businessweek: Splitsville at Rocketboom

MediaShift: Who should replace Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom (if that’s possible)?

Podcasting News: Rocketboom: Congdon Quit, but the Show Will Be Better Than Ever

Lost Remote: Rocketboom Jumps the Shark

CNET: Rocketboom Loses Its Famous Face

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