Tuesday, August 1

Showcasing Student Produced Spots

You can watch two of the PSAs produced by students this year in BC 410. Both were tested befor focus groups and borth were received by the clients as the best offered. The first was produced by Mike Wolenski, Pam Marlowe and Jordan Hinds for their client, the Lawrence County Humane Society. It's called "WHAT ABOUT FIDO?"

This PSA was produced by Brian Campbell and Chris Zinkham for Consumer Credit Counseling Services. It's called "THAT TIME OF THE MONTH."

These public services announcements will now air during programming on the Westminster Cable Network with radio versions on Titan Radio.

The spots have also inspired me to include PSA or promo assignments in the beginning video production class. They can generate everything from a pitch, script, storyboard, shooting schedule down to the production and post production requirements. I also suggest any capstone student interested in sales/marketing/commercial production to consider taking on a client and producing spots for a senior project.

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Heather Storm said...

Hey Mr. Weaver!

I finally got through for a producer interview.
It's almost time to start the new Capstone. Good luck!