Monday, September 25

Recent Capstone Blogger Now a CBI Finalist

Congratulations go out to Justin Egley.
Justin graduated in May with a degree in Media Arts and a minor in Broadcast Communications. He was also married this summer and just started working at WKBN as a news videographer.
Justin was part of the BC Capstone Weblog project last year as he audited the BC Capstone course as a BC minor.

While we have all those things wish Justin well for I'd like to extend another round of congratulations for his outstanding work as a PSA producer. Last spring, Justin completed a PSA in BC 410/Commercial Production course for the Lawrence County Humane Society. The 30 second spot promoted the organization's "Adopt Your New Best Friend" campaign.

Now the CBI (College Broadcasters Inc.) has announced Justin's spot is a CBI National Student Production Awards finalists. His spot is contending with an entry from Colorado State University and one from Berry College in Atlanta. You can see the spot here and the winner is announced by the CBI at the National College Media Conference in St. Louis in late October. Good luck, Justin!

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Stevi said...

Mr. Weaver...I think the most helpful thing in the world is criticism. Real, honest, blunt criticism. It's the only way to improve. Bruised egos are just a temporary side effect. Oh and thanks for sending those pictures I'm going to try and post one in my blog. See you on Thursday...hopefully with some info about Vegas.