Thursday, January 11

The BC 602 Jumpstart

Before we return for the second semester of BC Capstone, I am reminding students to wrap up their assessment of their senior project. This includes reflecting on my comments to the senior project review documents you turned back at the beginning of December.

Capstone students should also be ready to write and present on the feedback gathered on their projects from an outside professional.

Finally, this is a great time for you to blog about what you've accomplished over break as well as the previou semester. Generate a list of your weaknesses and strengths as a professioanl.

This is another chance to figure out whether you're qualified for jobs now open. Once you've made these lists, then consult your resume. Does it present the experience and skills needed as you head into the job market? It's important for you to look at the details of a posted job description and see how you can sell yourself for that position.

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