Friday, August 31

A New Season of BC Capstone

BC Capstone students are now refining abstracts to define their senior projects and a research question that will allow them to move forward on researching and planning their work this semester. While they work on this, they’ll also develop a focus for their weblogs as they craft and publish their mission statements online.

Here’s the complete link list to the BC 2007-08 student blogs:

In class the next week we will meet at Titan Traverse for a twist on the liberal arts experience in higher education as we work on bonding as a capstone class and goal making for the coming year. Students must be at Titan Traverse by 2:00 Thursday afternoon (September 6). Please don’t keep the staff there waiting (being on time is an asset of a professional). Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that will allow for climbing, crawling, swinging, etc. I’m throwing on a little bug repellant as well.

We’ll tag out the conclusion of the semester with another Titan Traverse outing which will stand in for the final exam period. The only way not to get the final exam points on December 12 from 3:00-5:30 is not to participate. So please mark your calendars now that BC 601’s final will be a chance to decompress from all the other stress of final exams while also taking stock of your Capstone efforts of charting goals and social and professional networking you have in place as you wrap up your time at Westminster.


Jill Carle said...

I would like to do the page on Titan Radio about the music we play, etc. How do I go about this?

Amy DalBon said...

Hey Mr Weaver! Things are going well. I switch between directing and running audio.(The full time people cycle through positions so we don't get bored with the same thing) And since sprint asked for an extension on the project it looks like my job will last longer than planned. Tom and I will be up to visit for homecoming. I hope to see you, Chuck, and Dr B at the open house in TC after the game. See ya Saturday!