Thursday, December 6

Field Trip to KDKA

The BC 311 students along with some Titan Radio hitchhikers, Jill Carle, Andy Borts and Pam Marlowe, traveled to NewsRadio KDKA AM in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night for an end of semester field trip. I chose KDKA because of it's rich history in broadcasting, proximity to campus and the fact that BC 311 focuses on radio news. I also know the PD/ND so that helps- thanks, Marshall!
I also want to thank Jim Amato, news editor and our host for the evening. Jim's not only a polished professional, but he's an incredible resource as he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to broadcast history. Thanks, Jim!

The gang from BC 311- Nicky Piszczor, Shayna Marti, Thomas Miller, David Greig, Doug Kunst, Christina Roseto and Tom Benoit.

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Jim said...

It was a blast to have evryone come down! One of the best audiences that I've ever had for a field trip!! Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it down the road. Jim

P.S. Check out the front page of our website, for the montage feature (Voices of the Week) that I was explaining to the class.