Monday, December 17

Hello, HULU

I've discovered "Firefly" on Hulu. I'm really losing interest in DVDs, Netflix and network TV. Hello, Hulu. Instead of trying to track down what episodes exist on DVD, I'm finding "Firefly" episodes on Hulu.

What's Hulu? It's a place on the web for free movies and TV shows from the likes of NBC and FOX (the two have teamed up for this). The beta site went live in October featuring shows from NBC as well as collections of vintage shows-- so now I can show my 10-year old "Lost in Space."

Hulu seems to also be the first to allow you to embed on your blogs, etc. You take shows and clips from Hulu and embedded them on your sites or in emails. Wow! This could really force the networks and studios into a new business model. Move over YouTube as it isn't always about viewer created content, especially when you want explosions and special effects. Those things cost money and Hulu runs on ad revenue.
A Great Show No One Ever Watched: FIREFLY
Schlocky, Classic TV Sci-Fi Irwin Allen-Style: LOST IN SPACE (

Sure it's sci-fi, but it's the best show on television! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Great sitcoms are dead...but HULU lets you re-discover ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

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