Saturday, February 23

VJ Scoop, Tuning into Free Radio & Angry Journalist

Here's my suggestions for your blog reading pleasure for this week from the BC Capstone students:
The VJ Model of Local News Up Close
There’s VJ scoop in Melissa Maine’s blog entry this week. Perhaps my BC 312 students should check out what she reveals concerning New Vision’s vision of the newsroom future. I first predicted this trend way back in 1996 with research project I wrote for Max Utsler’s mass media graduate seminar at the University of Kansas. It’s all coming true and on a much grander scale than the experts I interviewed imagined. The one-man band approach to local news is alive an thriving.

FREE RADIO- A television show review…
In an age of satellite radio, HD radio, podcasting, online simulcasting and the splintering of audiences (Where's Les Nessman when you need him?), Bill Sadler takes a look at VH1’s efforts to skewer the business of radio as he blogs about Free Radio this week. Sounds like Bill thinks it's radio worth watching on cable TV.

Outside the Capstone
Angry Journalist— A place to whine?
While my guidelines for BC Capstone weblogs stress the need to remain constructive, positive and professional in your online communication and publishing efforts, Angry Journalist offers anonymity and a place to vent your frustrations. According to the blog’s description Angry Journalist a place for “…underpaid, overworked, frustrated, pissed off and ignored media professionals to publicly and anonymously vent their anger. Share your story. With any luck, you'll feel better.”

To me it seems like a new incarnation of NewsBlues or FTVLive. While I embraced the Newsbreakers a few years ago, it looks like that model of using parody for reform in journalism dried up as the Newsbreakers' site hasn't been updated in oh so long.

What makes the Angry Journalist blog stand out from those sites is this is strictly a blog and it’s FREE. Whether you go to read or you post, be careful. You may just end up needing therapy.

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