Tuesday, March 11

Hulu OPEN for public use

It's another sign of the apocalypse for the old model of television. Hulu is now open to the public. Let the viewing begin. From old episodes of "I Dream of Jeanie" or new episodes of "The Simpsons." You can even watch feature films like "Ice Age." Each show or movie comes with an embedded advertiser, but that's how they keep it "FREE." You can even view clips from your favorite shows. The thing that makes Hulu even better is you can embed those clips, shows and movies on your blog or in an email. I never need to stay up late for SNL. I can check out the best clip of the show everyone is talking about on Sunday morning.

If it's part of Fox or NBC/Universal (and soon Warner Bros.) you can watch it for free online. During Hulu's beta test last summer, I discovered "Firefly" and then I had a pang for season two. That's when I discovered there was no season two because Fox canceled it after the first season. I discovered a cool show that never made it under the old model of network TV. I wonder if online viewing will help save shows like it?

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