Monday, March 17

Part of Channel 11's past is WCN's future


Westminster College station receives
Channel 11's old news desk and other set elements

WCN/Titan Radio chief engineer Charles Chirozzi headed up a salvage operation at WPXI-TV this week involving the old news set at the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh. Station management generously donated elements of the old news set and the former Fedko Fone Zone sports set to our new studio at Westminster College. Thank you, Channel 11!

Deconstructing the set was a tricky process. Some of the staff at WPXI tell us it was originally installed in the 1980s and updated in various ways over the years (we saw the mauve paint under the some of the veneer). However, the news desk and key components of the central section of the set are now housed at WCN's future studio on campus as is the Fedko Fone Zone set. The staff and management at WPXI were very gracious in donating these element as the station has moved into it's new home with it's new HDTV news set. It may have been Channel 11's old set, but it will make a extremely nice news set for our efforts at Westminster College, our Broadcast Communications major and our local programming efforts on WCN.

Here's a vid clip highlighting some of the efforts moving the news desk into the new WCN studio at Westminster. Students Ryan Hitchcock, Alex Hines, Thomas Miller and Josh Anderson were kind enough to lend a helping hand with some of the heavy lifting and difficult navigation through the McKelvey Campus Center.


Patrick said...

Very cool!

I bet Chuck was in hog heaven.

Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

You are correct!