Saturday, April 19

Bumping into people at the NAB

Finding Jimm Needle in
the NAB haystack in Vegas

Look who I ran into at the NAB in Las Vegas. 2003 Westminster grad Jimm Needle. Jimm's now working as a video producer Midway USA and lives in Columbia, Missouri. He's one of the video producers for the company's corporate and programming video efforts. He was in Vegas with his team scouring over the acres and acres of new DV gear on the exhibit floor. We were able to catch up and check out the sites. I even convinced him to go on the Star Trek Experience with me. Sure it's geeky-- but I'm a geek. Jimm's birthday is Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIMM!!! It was great to see Jimm and catching up. I think we walked a few miles talking...and walking...and talking. We also did the lunch thing and agreed the NAB looked a little ragged this year. Almost like the folks organizing it didn't really try.

I missed 2003 alum Jon Joy-- Jimm's old partner in crime at Westminster. Jon was in town at the beginning of the week. Sadly, MTV called him back to L.A. for "The Hills." It's tough working in the glamorous field of television and video production. Sorry I missed you, Jon.

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see Jim and John doing well and employed. Maybe one of these years we will run into each other at nab as well. On a side note is it me or does Jim look pretty much like he did 5 years ago at Westminster? Glad he is doing well out there somewhere.

Geoff Tirrell
Freelance Cameraman