Wednesday, April 16


Wednesday: BEA @ NAB-- RESUME' RUN
Dozens of college students lined up at the booths set up by corporate recruiters inside the
ballrooms at the Las Vegas Hilton on Wednesday to fill out applications, share resumes and network with potential employers. The longer lines were with big companies like ABC, Cox and Discovery Networks. The recruiters gathered resumes for sales, news, production and engineering.

I also attended the RTNDF/BEA/NABEF Super Session: What Would Murrow Do? The panel of experts explored how the father of broadcast journalism would handle the ethical questions of today's media? They didn't really come to a consensus about anything in particular about ethics. Instead they rallied around the issue of dedicating time and resources to important journalistic coverage. They also held out hope that the convergence of media may shake out opportunities to re-discover Murrow's vision for broadcast news.
The panelists included:

  • Mark Effron, Senior Vice President, Titan TV
  • Harvey Nagler, Vice President, CBS Radio News
  • Stacey Woelfel, News Director, KOMU-TV
  • Stanley Cloud, Co-author, "The Murrow Boys"
  • Marci Burdick, Senior Vice President Broadcasting & Cable, Schurz Communications

Amy is well acquainted with Stacey Woelfel as she was a student of his at the University of Missouri- Columbia.

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