Tuesday, May 13

WARNING: With YouTube the F-bomb is the last thing you want to drop on local TV

SEE THE VIDEO HERE- WARNING...you will hear it if click it.

WNBC management and anchor Sue Simmons would seem less than professional when this aired in the nation's largest market. While most New Yorkers probably hear it or say it several times a day, it's a shame someone paid that much can't control her language around an open mic. Could it be that big egos carry big tempers with big mouths? Just read the news, please.

USA Today reports she's apologized. Perhaps she should sit out a newscast with a bar of soap in her mouth.

Live from N.Y.: Local anchor apologizes for saying [expletive] on the air


Sue Simmons says she's "truly sorry" for using foul language during a promotional spot for the newscast she anchored late last night on WNBC-TV.

"Simmons was teasing a story about the high cost of groceries when tape of a cereal box suddenly switched to the cruise ship from which a woman fell and disappeared Sunday night," the Daily News says. "The goof prompted Simmons to shout off-camera, "What the [expletive] are you doing?" The screen then went black."

About 30 minutes later, Newsday says the 11 p.m. broadcast began with an apology.


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