Friday, July 18

And the Primetime Emmy nominations are,,,

With all the reality crap on network television, there's little wonder why the big drama series prize now includes shows from basic cable networks like FX and AMC. Where are the quality shows, NBC, CBS? But hey, the Emmy's cultivates more reality/game show programming by creating a new category this year for best reality competition show host. Like Howie Mandel needs an Emmy for keeping people waiting through the next commercial break?

Here's the complete Primetime Emmy nomination list.
This is the 60th anniversary for the event.

I predicted in a pervious post that I think Mad Men
will walk away with the outstanding drama series Emmy since television is all about the business of advertising. Mad Men is a great show worth finding and watching (just like BSG). It's tragic characters bring the days before seat belt laws to life as children jump merrily on big bench seats of the cars of the early 1960s as mommy struggles to light up a smoke and navigate the road. The show has a bitter-sweet irony yanking on the nostalgia and romanticism of the era. Mad Men has great moments peppered with twisted little background elements showing the naivete' of the times-- like mothers scolding children playing with dry cleaning plastic because they're worried about the clothes and oblivious to the suffocation risk it poses. That same simple nostalgia and romanticism is carefully manipulated by the ad men and women the show is about as they ply their trade on Madison Avenue.

While I'm a big
LOST fan, my money is on Mad Men. My wife's now squarely behind Dexter after watching it on TiVo downloads. I was disappointed to see Pushing Daisies was passed over in the outstanding comedy series category. A couple of the actors from that show received some Emmy noms. I guess I must be missing something for not being plugged into Two and a Half Men all these years.

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Boston Legal
  • Damages
  • Dexter
  • House
  • Lost
  • Mad Men

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