Wednesday, July 30

Titan Radio is one of the "Best College Radio Station"

Titan Radio is one of the "BEST COLLEGE RADIO STATIONS" in the U.S., according to the 2009 Princeton Review BEST 369 College Rankings . A survey of 120,000 students generates the annual report ranking everything from biggest party school to how nice the dorms are...

Titan Radio/WWNW in little ol' New Wilmington, PA, is listed in the top 20 "BEST" college radio stations. While Emerson College in Boston took number one, small but polished Titan Radio came in 18th in the country. WOW!

This is a mega-honor for the students, faculty and staff. We didn't go looking for this recognition. We didn't apply to some contest and pay an application fee. This title came to us as a wonderful surprise. Dr. B and all the student's who dedicated their time and efforts to Titan Radio and since I've been at Titan Radio (and before) share in this honor. This is fantastic validation for what we do in the classroom, in the station, in the newsroom and at all those live sports broadcasts. How cool is this?

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Sky Yaple said...

yay! that's awesome!