Tuesday, October 14

WC squared

This week is an appropriate time to blog about my recent experience and honor of speaking before the Westminster College Women's Club during the group's monthly luncheon in Wexford. I was joined by senior Nicky Piszczor as we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Atria's and spoke to the members of this 103 year old organization. These ladies are clearly well connected as alumni and love Westminster. They also personify the notion of networking with each other on any number of levels from professional to personal. While we talked about the mission and work of the Westminster Cable Network we also discussed the upcoming partnership with Armstrong Cable and the yet to be built TV station. It was one of those occassions where had the pleasure of meeting people who's history with where you work makes you appreciate their passion as well as your own. I want to thank the ladies of the WC-WC.

Nicky would make an excellent future member of this organization.

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