Tuesday, November 11

Sweeps piece in L.A.- Is it the tease or the sleaze

KTLA doesn't want viewers to go "Ugly Betty" on them-- it's not a plug for the TV show!

I could go all over with a headline on this. Wax on- wax off? I'll stop now.

Can you file this under news you can use?
What's the viewer benefit?
Oh, that's right...it's Los Angeles. There is no shock factor.
You have to watch this...and they dog lick live shot seems to add insult to injury.
Do they teach this kind of coverage in j-school?
I'm wondering if this is the station's official salon and do the anchors at KTLA get this kind of styling as a perk?


Sky Yaple said...

uh oh, Weaver. your YouTube video is no longer available.

gotta love dog-lick live shots :-P

Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Try now.

Sky Yaple said...

haha oh my gosh. that was unbelievable. thank goodness for the blur tool.

but hey, what else are you going to do on a slow news day?