Sunday, December 28

NUMBER 4- A Tie Between Daisies & Killer Cyborgs from the Future

Two shows tie at number 4 on my list of BEST SHOWS OF 2008.

One show will end...the other survivors to hunt down an audience for another day.

ABC has abandoned the wonderfully written and imaginative PUSHING DAISIES where the old murder mystery formula meets romantic comedy under a Tim Burtonesque storyline.

Bringing dead people back to life could have been creepy, but this show is whimsical and colorful. A great cast clearly enjoys hitting the timing required for the fast-paced, sarcastic and snappy dialogue. Alas, the show is a victim of last year's writer's strike and the network has refused to order new episodes. That's code for it's cancelled.

If only Ned could touch the nearly dead series and bring it back to life on a cable network like FX, Sci Fi or USA. SIGH! I will miss Ned and the gang and learning more about the supporting characters who were so rich and complex you wanted them to become the stars of the show.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles--The Best Show on TV too few people are watching!

This show has grown into its own and it is great. It's grown up, polished and sophisticated, action oriented but so much more evolved than the last two Terminator movies. I'm surprised Fox is sticking by it, but in 2009 the network is sliding it to Friday nights. That could be put the show in danger of being canceled or "terminated." Perhaps the fact you can watch all the episodes on HULU will save it.

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