Thursday, July 23

Props and Lameness in TV Storytelling

Jeremiah Patterson tipped me off tho this story on YouTube from a Cleveland station. Perhaps I'm being too critical and see consultant fingerprints everywhere in newscasts, stories, etc. However, I witnessed consultants bringing in prop ideas like this when I worked for a certain network affiliate during a certain time before a sweeps period.

Lame props really smack of an idea from these alleged experts. The so-called consultants (ex-news directors and managers playing a scam of recycling themselves as experts until they can worm back into another newsroom) come in with gimmicks and schtick.

It wouldn't surprise me if a outside research firm cashed a big check after they presented so called data and expertise to station management & reporters claiming the use props to "force" walking and talking stand ups and contrived video would engage the viewers. Use props to make a point, demonstrate but don't distract or make it hokey.

So you don't have video of the bear? Does that justify the lame cardboard stunt?

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