Monday, October 25

Autumn Views: One-room school house along the way

October 25, 2010

WILMINGTON TOWNSHIP (Mercer County), Pa.-- Amish farms and homes line the roads of Wilmington Township in Mercer County where an afternoon drive reveals brightly lit open fields and patches of canopied autumn leaves covering the roadway like a forgotten covered bridge. Driving along Leesburg Road offers views of one room Amish schools. The old ways of the Amish and the modern tractors of the "English" farmers share the road as you pass buggies and large farming tractors heading to fields and farms.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the 13 miles of the township have 1,105 residents. reports that more than a third of the people living in Wilmington Township share a German ancestry.

Most common first ancestries reported in Wilmington township (

* German (34.5%)
* Irish (10.1%)
* Scotch-Irish (9.4%)
* English (8.1%)
* Italian (8.1%)
* Pennsylvania German (5.7%)
* United States or American (4.8%)

Enjoy some of the view along the roads running the Lawrence and Mercer county line as WCN 24/7 documents the autumn views in this rural community.

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