Thursday, October 28

Last Call for Comments

I think I’ll make this my final appeal for Capstone students to actively engage in commenting on each others blog entries. So far this semester the feedback has been scattered and inconsistent across the board. While I’m pleased with the level of effort on the blogs, my goal of establishing a dynamic enterprise here seems to have peaked. The feedback component does factor into the grade for blogs, however, it appears that requirement continues to be overlooked.


Laura K. said...

I think it's important to mention that we were not aware we would be graded on commenting on other folks' blogs until a few weeks in first we were just strongly encouraged. Also, I know that you want comments to be worthwhile and not just "hi! good job this week" without having a valid point..and some weeks there's not much you can say to someone that hasn't been said already! Just a thought on my end. As for the outside comments from non-capstone readers, we can't really force someone to comment. I have asked a number of people to view and comment on my posts, but so far I have seen no real feedback from them. That's something that is beyond my control as the blogger.

Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I direct your attention to my discussiosn in class about the syllabus and the last line in the assignment description:
Each week members of BC 601/602 update their weblogs with specific information which includes:
a summary of "what I did in broadcasting for the current week" including updates on senior projects, presentations and other course work.
updates on developing career objectives, career placement planning, etc.
a brief summary/review of an on-line article (with an active hyperlink) about some topical event/issue in electronic media that clearly connects with the student's interests and/or career goals.

Students will also be encouraged to comment on postings of their fellow capstone bloggers’ pages and invite guests to visit the blogs and offer feedback.

You will update your blog each week by the Friday noon deadline. Missing a deadline will result in a loss of points for that week. Each entry will receive 10 points with a possible 160 points for the next 16 week. You can receive up to 20 points for recruiting visitors to the Capstone blog page who offer constructive feedback to you, the instructor or a fellow capstone student. You can also receive up to 20 points for offering your constructive feedback or comments to a fellow capstone blogger.