Friday, October 15

We Welcome Your Comments (and for BC Students it's Required)

Hello, BC Capstone Bloggers!

It’s been a while since I presented an entry. I’ve been so engaged in reading yours and adding comments here and there. But I’m back…

Speaking of comments and feedback, I think most of you should revisit the course syllabus on the “Weblog Requirements” and how you should be actively engaged in feedback on the blog entries.

According to the syllabus: You can receive up to 20 points for offering your constructive feedback or comments to a fellow capstone blogger.

However, you won’t receive any points in this area unless you’re adding your feedback on a regular basis. I don’t require you to reach out and comment on every blog entry for every student every week. But some kind of constructive input each week would be appropriate. So be aware, in addition to my reviewing your blog entries, I’m also noting who’s offering feedback and who’s not.

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