Saturday, December 11


Don't take your capstone grade for granted. While each of you will walk away with exceptional scores on the presentations, it is the Weblogs that make up a huge chunk of your grade. If you were not diligent with your blog, then WORRY.

How I compute your Weblog score?

You can receive 10 points each for each week’s blog (16 weeks). That’s 160 points possible.

You can also receive 20 points for recruiting visitors to the blog pages and another 20 points for your significant feedback and comments offered over the semester. That’s 40 points.

If you have all 16 weeks worth of blogs and have actively participated with feedback and comments, you will automatically receive the other 50 points.

So to reiterate what it takes to get the full points on weblogs, your full participation in the blog assignment. You wrap it up by December 17 and should have16 weeks worth of entries in which you have demonstrated your participation as well as comments and feedback on your fellow students blogs.

If you have failed to engaged actively in feedback and comments, your blog score will likely fall in the 180-200 point range.

If you have failed to complete 16 weeks worth of required blog entries by the end of next week, then multiply the number of weeks you have by 10. That will become your blog score.

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