Thursday, December 16

BLOG! HUMBUG! Some Unfinished Business Before Christmas

BC 601 has come to an end. But we do have some outstanding business. We have three students returning in the spring to complete the “group” presentation. That should be easily completed.

We also have some people still waiting for their outside professionals to respond to their senior projects. I will encourage them to carry through with follow up and attempt to meet the deadline.

We head into the break with holiday & good luck wishes, congratulations and farewells to Amy DalBon & Julie Stolze—they’re graduating early. That’s clearly an edge they have over the thousands of people who graduate in May. I invite them to actively engage in their blogs— I’ll keep the links on the Capstone Blog Weblog page hoping we can stay in touch.

For everyone else heading into BC 602, we will meet outside my office on Friday, January 21 at 11:30 and do the lunch thing to map out the upcoming semester. I would encourage you to visit the BC 602 syllabus and consider doing both the Senior Project Redux and the Alumni Research Paper (despite me offering you a choice).

Happy Holidays!!!

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