Sunday, January 30

BC Festival Proposal Input

How goes the BC Festival proposal?

Are you working as a group?

Communicating? Brainstorming?

Crafting the proposal which is due on Friday?

We’ll meet in the conference room we’ve traditionally held class (TCH 206) and treat it as a brown bag lunch meeting where you as a group can pitch your proposal.

I thought I’d throw out some suggestions you can take or leave.

See you on Friday @ 11:30!

Some suggested mission statement outcomes (variations on a theme to consider):

  • Showcase and raise awareness of the BC Curriculum, Titan Radio & WCN with the campus faculty, staff and student population with scheduled events such as the Capstone Presentations, etc.
  • Promote the community service mission and opportunities of Titan Radio & WCN.
  • Provide a new view of what Westminster students do each day and each week at Titan Radio and WCN.

Some suggested BC Festival events to create/schedule:
• Stage a lunch time tour of the remote truck by parking it outside the tub. Allow visitors see up close and inside and view demonstrations of what it’s capable of while simultaneously holding a live remote on WCN. The live remote could give students in the announcing class a chance to ad lib live on television. Simulcast this remote on Titan Radio. It also allows the Producing/Directing class an opportunity to switch in the truck and direct the remote.

• During scheduled times outside venues of senior presentations as well as lunch time activities offer students a chance to sign a banner to leave messages that will be placed in the BC time capsule.

• Poster presentations based on alumni research papers showcasing BC alumni to be displayed in the tub the week of the festival.

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Megan Marshall said...

Our BC Festival Proposal is coming together.

Pat & I would like to be assured a nighttime presentation spot (6PM or later?), because that is the most convenient time for our families to come see our presentations. Is that okay?