Thursday, January 27

Capstone Deadline Schedule

February 4: This is a group project... BC Festival Proposal (MUST BE TYPED) with specific roles/duties for each person identified.

February 11: Senior Project Redux Proposal Deadline (or you notify me that you're doing the alumni research paper & identify your alumni)

February 18: Capstone Time Capsule Proposal: PROJECT (MUST BE TYPED) & this is a group project. The proposal must identify specific roles/duties for each person.

March 4: Alumni Research Paper or Senior Project Redux Alum Paper Deadline

March 18: Resume Tape or E-portfolio Format

March 18: Senior Presentation Guest List (with addresses & e-mail addresses)

April 8: Senior Project Redux Deadline

April 18: BC Festival & Senior Presentations

May 3: Updated Resumes & Resume Tape(s) or E-portfolio Project Deadline

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