Thursday, January 27

Blog Feedback Requirement Awareness Day

Laura K’s been busy offering feedback. I’d hoped to see more capstoners engaged in these blog-based dialogues. After all the blogging assignment REQUIRES it. I'm also thinking more people should blog more often to show they are actively engaged in our endeavors to justify our current schedule.

I’m wondering if everyone has reviewed the syllabus thoroughly.

And while I’m on the topic of the BC 602 syllabus, I hope members of the class are actively communicating with each other about crafting the proposal for the BC Festival.
The February 4 deadline for the festival proposal is nearly here. I’ll post a friendly reminder of what’s required. What we do have a lock on is the date of the festival--

Members of the class will work together as a team to create, organize, schedule and execute Westminster’s first Broadcast Communications Festival.

The team will outline festival goals, secure locations, plan activities and publicity, etc.

A festival proposal will include a mission statement and detailed outcomes for a specific target audience.

The proposal will also provide a list of prospective activities, duties for each student, a proposed schedule, etc.

Your grade will be based how well the mission statement and outcomes match up with the response and success of the festival.

The festival must include scheduled time blocks for senior presentations as well as orchestrating additional events or activities which can include lower classmen, non-majors, other courses, etc.

A festival date, title, mission statement, proposed locations, proposed activities, individual assignments/duties/roles and planning schedule are due to the instructor by February 4, 2005.

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