Friday, November 25

Senior Project ASSESSMENT Revisited

Project Assessment- This portion of the senior project and it is designed to challenge you to identify how you can enhance and improve your body of work while also networking with working professionals. Each student must identify and secure an off-campus professional to evaluate their project. This professional must have a relevant position in the industry in regard to the student’s project in order to assess the work and offer genuine feedback on the materials. If you're reviewer changes from the person you identify in class, you must notify the instructor.

You will schedule a review date before the last day of class to gather forthright comments and an evaluation of your project. You will also secure documentation from your reviewer in the form of a letter or e-mail to the instructor summarizing this evaluation.

You will also create a “Project Assessment Checklist” due during your project appointment with the instructor where you present the feedback from this evaluation. Based the comments received, you will make recommendations of how you would rework your project and make improvements.

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