Thursday, November 24

Senior Project REQUIREMENTS Revisited

Senior Project (Details Revisited)- The objective of the senior project is to create and polish material to showcase a student’s skills and abilities in broadcast communications. Senior BC projects are restricted to the creation of content for the audiences of Titan Radio, Digital 88.9 News, the Titan Sports Network, WCN, The County Line, and Coach’s Corner.

Before you begin your project, you will draft a project proposal in which you summarize with specifics what you want to create for your portfolio(s)/resume tape(s)/audition tape(s). You will identify specific assets and weakness you have in relationship to your objectives, develop a plan for utilizing those strengths and overcoming the limitations and create a timeline for presenting your content to a real audience on scheduled, hard deadlines. You should identify specifics such as day(s), hours, etc., that you will set aside each week for this endeavor.

Each student is responsible for maintaining the regular air checks, tapes, etc., for his or her project. It is your responsibility to maintain and keep your dubs, air checks, etc. throughout this endeavor. You may not scramble at the last minute to make dubs, gather tapes, etc. Failure to maintain and progress your work week to week will not be acceptable.

To complete the project you must meet all outcomes and deadlines identified in your proposal. You must also meet the department’s minimum professional standards for audio and video productions. Failure to meet those outcomes, deadlines and standards will result in zero points.

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