Sunday, December 18

Realizing the Big Capstone Payoff

This week Jason Mackey (06 BC) blogged about his journey through the BC Capstone experience characterizing it as an opportunity that served as a giant wake-up call.

"Capstone helped me to realize what I REALLY wanted to do in broadcasting."

That's the best compliment and I encourage you to visit Jason's weblog for more about this journey he's on as he heads into a winter break internship at
WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C.

Jason's senior project went in multiple directions exploring on-air efforts,
producing Coach's Corner and the Titan Radio Sports Minutes as well as sports promotion/information. His off-campus assessment efforts also went well beyond what was required and I am extremely proud of his efforts.

Visit his weblog and you'll learn how investing time, hard work and passion can create a much bigger payoff than you would ever expect.

Other recent Capstone Weblog entries you should check out:
Melissa DePaul (December graduate)
"The whole point of our capstone project is to accomplish something that you do not have or want to do before you graduate. But as we did that we also had to network with professionals in our field through papers and tape assessments. That was very beneficial because now we established a connection with someone who might be able to help once we graduate."

Heather Storm
"I've sent out my demos and resume like crazy, which earned me two interviews for on-air positions...I feel like I'm in a great position to hopefully get something for weekends in the spring semester. All semester long, I've met a ton of great contacts."

Amanda Hauger
"I concluded that I need a strong broadcast news resume CD next semester...I also want to have a strong features television package. I also want to get published at Views & Voices Magazine. I think this internship will really benefit me and allow me to gain valuable experience."

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Anonymous said...

I wish my school was so supportive in classes. They just take our money and we try to get into classes and if you're lucky you might get out in four years and work at a bank.