Monday, December 26

Six Ideas for New Media Opportunties in the New Year

Bringing MORE New Media &
Online Journalism into my classes…

I want my students to study, explore and create more content for new media under the umbrella of online news. I want them to prepare for the future market and understand how these changes will affect local television and radio stations and the local audience as well as redefine the roles of reporters, photographers and editors/producers. Here’s a list of some of the ideas I have for bringing more new media material and online journalism into my spring courses:

1: Take a road trip to a local newspaper. Tour and discuss the role of audio and video in the newspaper’s future endeavors. Discuss how new media will reshape the role of reporter, photographer and online producer.

2: Invite speakers to class including web designers and webmasters to join the ongoing discussions. Ask these experts to discuss old media versus new media. Discuss the implications of online news, RSS , Flash, podcasting, VOD, interactive web events, etc.

3. Assign research papers on the future of local television news reporters, photographers and producers and create these papers in multimedia formats incorporating images, audio and video elements.

4. Contribute regularly to Titan Radio News and The County Line while also incorporating content in a timely manner to our web pages and create a unique, original web program or podcast.

5. Study the BEA’s multimedia festival, its categories and previous winners.

6. Research what the Associated Press is doing with traditional and new media members and look at ways it suggests we adapted and update our newsroom.

So what do you think? Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions? I’m open and eager to bring new ideas and new projects to my students.

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