Friday, February 24

Full Time BC Students Hard at Work

Getting Paid $$ in TV While Still in School!
Above: Mike Wolenski at WYTV.
Below: Luke Garrett at WKBN.

This post is a follow up on an earlier one where I announced we had dueling television directors in the department. Luke is actually directing morning newscasts now to fill-in for some folks. Mike has been at WYTV since last summer directing the newscasts there on the weekends.

While both are busy with their jobs, they're still keeping their full-time class schedule. In BC that means many more hours out of class, especially with my BC 312 (Broadcast Journalism II) course. They're reporting and producing for both Titan Radio and The County Line. Today Luke rushed to a news conference with the PA Attorney General about a major drug bust. Don't forget the walkdown!

Great hustle! What a way to build a resume!

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