Wednesday, February 22

Titan Fans Have a Case of Playoff Fever

The County Line Staff Covers It LIVE.
The BC 312 (Broadcast Journalism II) students went "live & local" by doing the sports thing this week. They wrapped up the end of the regular basketball season with a special report during Saturday's game against Waynesburg. It was great experience with a live television event and conducting live interviews. Now the Titans are in the semifinals. The Thursday game interrupts our regularly scheduled program. So The County Line will collapse from 30 minutes to 10 and air at halftime. While that show will feature news and stories, BC 312 students will once again hit the ground running after the game for some post-game interviews.

Justin Egley (Titan Town Sports Director) is the man behind the Titan fan picture above. Justin's the one back in the studio who figured out how to dress for TV. You only need to think about things from the waist up. Justin was also busy this week shooting spot news with a fatal fire just outside the borough limits (one of the news stories on TCL and on Titan Radio and Titan this week). Great hustle, Justin! Thanks for being a team leader!

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