Monday, March 13

BC Weblog Guidlines

Are You Ready to Blog?
I've sent out an invitation to third-year students in Broadcast Communications to start weblogs now instead of waiting for the capstone class. I recommend keeping these weblogs professional. While I offer a set of guidelines for blogging during the first day of class, I thought it appropriate to post the information now.

Use these guidelines to keep on target with the BC Capstone Weblog mission of self-reflection, goal making, assessment and growth as working media professionals.

BC Weblog Guidelines
Keep It Professional-Put time and effort into what you write.

  • Never post a first draft. Edit what you write.
  • Put effort into the content.
  • Write enough to communicate meaning with the reader, but avoid overkill.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience as a professional by correctly using the terminology of media.
  • Connect your entries to topical events and issues in media.
  • Offer your own style and voice and be consistent with it.
  • Be genuine.
  • Offer Links.
    • The more links you offer the better the chances are your blog could turn up in a Google search.
    • Link back to your sources (this offers transparency, attribution and validity to the points you want to make).

Going Public- Remember the World is Watching

  • Never reveal personal, private information.
    • Never blog about your personal life.
  • Limit contact information to a web-based e-mail account.
  • Never write about proprietary or privileged information (never disclose company secrets or information shared with you in confidence). Off the record means off he record.
    • If blogging about internship or job-related experiences, inform your employer about your weblog.
      • Invite the employer to read your blog and offer feedback.
      • Ask about restrictions or limits on what you can and cannot blog about.
      • Ask if the company has any specific weblog guidelines you must follow.

Be Positive- Showcase Your Ability to Think Critically and Creatively

  • Be clear when expressing opinion or comments.
  • When engaged in criticism, remain constructive.
    • Recognize opposing positions.
    • Support your points with evidence and attribution (include links).
  • Never engage in personal attacks.
  • Update entries on a regular basis.
    • Develop a routine so regular readers can expect timely updates.
  • Entertain and inform your readers
  • INCLUDE PICTURES: Offer interesting and appropriate images and context.
  • Write engaging headlines.

Be Prepared- Avoid Legal Entanglements

  • Be truthful & ethical.
  • Understand the impact of what you write.
    • Remember libel applies to weblogs.
    • Remember false light applies to weblogs.
    • Remember invasion of privacy applies to weblogs.

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