Friday, March 17

The Best TV Storytellers-- NPPA Winners

TV Storytelling You Should Study

The Poynter Institute is showcasing the NPPA’s “Best of Television Photojournalism 2006.”

You can watch the winning entries and read the judges’ comments. It’s also a great opportunity for BC students to watch and study the BEST of the BEST in the country. I particularly enjoyed the “Smells Like Baseball” package from WFAA in Dallas which took top SPORTS honors. There's power in sound to take you there and help you imagine the smells-- one sense incites the memories connect with another.

I also noted the stand up that was used as an interesting transition device. I can see some news directors and producers rolling their eyes because this is a longer format story, but I bet the people in the audience who watched this REMEMBERED it.

Those stations that denounce or avoid this type of storytelling fail to see the power and intimacy of this package. It will translate better on the web than all that crap that passes for breaking stories in those high story count newscasts. THIS is the type of storytelling that engages the audience. When it’s done well with the audio and video connection it’s worth doing.

I also note that at a time when VJs are on the rise, many of the NPPA winners focus on TEAM storytelling. This may say something about the importance and value of the reporter and photographer dynamic. When the audio, video and writing come together it’s unforgettable.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed an excellent tool for studying storytelling in broadcast news.