Sunday, September 10

Deconstructing the First Two Classes

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
--Alan Kay (American Computer Scientist & PC Pioneer)

What's this BC Capstone class?

We've met twice as a BC Capstone 2006-2007 class. During the firs gathering everyone introduced a framing statement about how each of them views determinism. Have our futures already been written? Who/what controls what happens next?

This week everyone wrote me an e-mail from the future. They imagined it was the year 2016 and they were checking in with their crotchety old capstone instructor with an update about their lives and careers.

Everyone also posted blog entries with three short term and three long term goals.

What we learned was interesting...

Some people have extremely specific ambitions while others feel pressured into deciding what they want to be when they grow up. Still others are curious about other career options and the idea of continuing their education after college.

People in the class also connected with each other over the conflicts and anxieties they're experiencing as their college life at Westminster is coming to a close.

Finally, I found it worthy to mention that in the e-mails from the future the women in the class saw themselves still single and moving about the country and experiencing a variety of career opportunities over 10 years. Most of the men were also listing of impressive resumes with experiences that took them across the country from radio, television and new media. The twist came in hearing most of the men imagined themselves as married with kids-- and the curious thing was these guys came up with names already for their children.

Coming next class-- toying around with your weblog...adding pictures, video, links, etc.


Liz Farry said...

my very favorite part of your findings is that awesome girl power of our capstone class!! let the guys be tied down with a family and kids while we're out TAKING OVER THE WORLD!! :)

Lefty said...

After googling Alan Kay's name I found your blog.

Interesting idea you have going on...and these students get college credit for doing this? Do you really meet as a class or is it all virtual?