Sunday, September 17

The First Show of the Semester

County Line on WCN

Some of the BC 601 students are heading up our television efforts with The County Line. Aidan, Stevi, D.J. and Steve lead the BC 251 crew and other staff members to a great first show. The show only had a few minor bumps. Great job guys! Meanwhile Leanne is keeping Titan Radio News where Amy is also keeping Friday afternoon newscast on track. Meanwhile Mike's off leading remote crews and Titan Radio to another busy semester.

Megan Alexander sat in and produced/hosted the first interview segment. She talked with Scott Mackenzie about his year in Iraq.


Liz Farry said...

Wow, megan did a great job!

Patrick said...

seeing pictures from the first show made me really nostalgic! I miss The County Line and the butterflies in my stomach that I got every Thursday around 7:29pm!

Keep up the great work, guys!