Wednesday, November 8

BC 311 Student Lands a Celebrity Interview

Titan Radio's Danielle Adams has done something no other Westminster BC student has been able to do in the past six years-- land an interview with Amber Brkich. Below is the web story and links to Danielle's coup. Great hustle, Danielle!

Reality Television Turns Into a Career & Marraige for Amber
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Featured on Titan Radio's BEHIND THE MIC
She's a millionaire and reality television star who's turned what many called 15 minutes of fame into both a career and a marriage. Beaver County native Amber Brkich graduated from Westminster College in 2000 with a public relations degree and then was cast on Survivor on CBS. Now she's going by her married name, Amber Mariano. She's one half of of the Amber and Rob Mariano team born out of Amber's second reality TV appearance on Survivor: All Stars. After they became a couple they went on to star in a season of another reality show, The Amazing Race.

Amber and Rob went on turn their wedding into a CBS reality special. She's a published author who continues to work on reality projects with her husband working in Los Angeles. Now she goes "Behind the Mic" with Titan Radio's Danielle Adams talking about her journey into reality TV and how she keeps it going as a full-time enterprise.

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Liz Farry said...

Wow, so much to catch up on.

Did you shoot those Tess @ Kennywood vids with your video camera?