Saturday, November 11

Successes, Misteps, Assessment & Course Adjustments

Five Mistakes
Seniors Make in Capstone
  1. Taking on too much for a senior project.
  2. Taking on too little for a senior project.
  3. Waiting until the last minute to work on a senior project.
  4. Discovering you didn’t save enough of your work: air checks, television news packages, writing samples, scripts, storyboards, etc.
  5. Failing to set up your outside review of work well in advance. This is where you gather important feedback needed to tweak their portfolio materials.

I’ve tried to address #5 in the syllabus. Students will identify, solicit and secure off-campus feedback during the winter break. When they return for the second part of Capstone they can begin integrating that feedback into their portfolios. Will it work? I’m crossing my fingers.

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